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Yellowfin tuna

Albacore are the first tuna to arrive in East Cape waters each summer.Early December normally sees the first of these feisty little fish moving south with the warming water, they range in size from 1kg to over 20kg and put up a good scrap on light tackle. They are usually taken on small squid type trolling lures but will strike at even the biggest marlin lure, this habit can make them a bit of a pest when trolling for larger game. Depending on season they will stay to about till April.

Yellowfin make an appearance in late December and can be caught through until late March.

Yellowfin tuna

In East Cape waters they range in size from 15kg to 50kg with the occasional fish up to 70kg. These speedy, much sought after game fish are usually targeted on trolled lures, bullet or pusher head skirted lures. Bibbed minnows are starting to find favour with some anglers. Each year a few are also taken on jigs and bait, the peak month's for Yellowfin are February and March.

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