Salt Water Fly

Toshiya Babe with a kingfish caught on fly

Toshiya Babe with a kingfish March 2001


World records are here to be broken .

Will the next be yours?

Robby with his first fly caught kingfish

Robert with a kingfish April 2001

It is only in the last few years that Salt water fly fishing has become popular in New Zealand. In that time there have been many world records set.

Here in Tolaga Bay we have been catching mainly yellowtail kingfish this is mostly sight fishing and the ferocity of a yellowtail strike on a fly has to be seen to be believed, the power and speed with which they dive to the depths with their prize tests the best of anglers and destroys inferior gear.
If you intend to fish for yellowtail with fly gear be prepared for the fight of a lifetime and bring only the best tackle.
A 9 or 10 weight salt-water fly rod would be minimum with a quality SWF reel which will hold 300m backing and has a good drag .
A fast sinking shooting head will get your fly down to the big ones, start with a 10kg
tippet with a large deceiver type fly up to 10cm long .

The chances of taking a world record mako or blue shark here on the East Coast are excellent, In the summer there are large numbers of these sharks present in a perfect size to top the present records.

Other fish we have caught on Salt-water Fly.
Kahawai, Trevelly, Skipjack and Albacore Tuna
Mako and Blue Sharks, Barracouta

Grant with a barracouta       Denis with a small skipjack      And a kingfish                  

 Jay with a tagged kingfish    Kathy with a small kingfish  

 Jay Buchner of the US fly fishing team with a tagged yellowtail

 Kathy Buchner with a small yellowtail

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