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1000 pound mako

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Mako shark up close
Shark fishing in the East Cape area is excellent. Species available are: Tope, blue , mako with the occasional hammerhead and tiger in the summer.

A glance at the IGFA records shows that all but two of the tope world records have been caught in New Zealand. They are present in large numbers year round in this area. We consider them to be a nuisance and unhook and release them, it is unusual not to catch several in a days fishing with fish over 20kg common. Should you wish to target tope you would be assured of fish to record size.

small thresher shark
Blue sharks likewise can be a real pest, at times it can be difficult to get a bait past them. They arrive in the spring (October) and are at their peak in November - December, tapering off through the warmer months of January February then returning from March to June. Size is mostly from 30kg to 60kg with the occasional bigger fish. The largest weighted locally this season was 140kg, a friend of mine has the jaw of one of 191kg caught two years ago.

Mako's with their habit of taking fish, sometimes as large as 20kg, from our lines must be close to the ultimate predator. To see a large mako follow up the severed head of a groper and try to chase it into the boat is awesome. My boat bares the teeth marks of several such encounters. They are present year round and it is normal to see at least one in a days fishing. Peak time is in the warmer months from October to May, when a trail of fish scraps will attract them within minutes.

Average size would be between 50kg and 100kg with occasional fish of over 300kg seen. Recently a visitor of mine from the USA Mrs Jackie Olander caught a woman's world record claim mako of 79kg on 4kg line from my boat.

Few people fish for sharks in this part of the country, so most that are taken are released.

I would be happy to take you shark fishing and could provide you sport equal to any in the world.

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