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Corporate Day

You are met at Gisborne airport (the early flight from Auckland or Wellington arrives each morning @ 8am), and transported up the coast to historic Tolaga Bay where the boat awaits.

By 9:00 am you can be out on the water catching fish!

We provide the airport pickup, breakfast / lunch (if required), all tackle / bait / suntan cream, instruction (and help landing the big-ones if required) and help in cleaning the fish for taking back with you (ice pack and chilly-bin), transport to your accommodation (if staying another day) or transport back to Gisborne airport to catch the last flight out in the evening.
A great catch

Try this for your next Team Building exercise or as a reward for a staff member!

Bottom Fishing


Fish for Snapper, Groper (Hapuka) and other bottom dwelling fish.

We can supply all tackle - or if you have a "favorite" fishing rod, you are welcome to bring it with you.

This is an ideal way to converse with companion's on a nice sunny day - we'll try not let the fish interfere too much...

Game Fishing
Mid to late Summer (February / March are best) is the ideal time to go after game fish. We provide all tackle and the East Cape Region is ideal for marlin.

Trout Fishing
We can also provide the "other" type of fishing too...

Clear trout filled streams and lakes surrounded by native bush abound on the East Cape. We can provide horseback, 4wd or helicopter access to the best places to catch Rainbow or Brown trout.

Dive Fishing
Prefer to get wet?

Crayfish abound on the East Coast, as do Kina (Sea Eggs) and Paua (Abalone). The gear can be supplied and your skipper is a PADI trained diver.

Reef Diving

Reef diving Ariel reef is situated 9 miles out close to the edge of the continental shelf, it is an extensive reef area approximately 5 miles long, ranging in depth from 6m to 40m.

In summer the warm sub tropical currents from the north sweep over this reef bringing with them large pelagic fish species such as marlin, tuna and sharks.

A constant year round population of reef fish and crayfish make this an exhilarating dive, which has been described as one of the best in the country.

Wreck Diving
Many ships have been wrecked on this sometimes inhospitable coast.

To the south of Gisborne off Mahia Peninsula, lies the wreck of the Tasmania a steamer of 1285 tonnes which sank on July 29th 1897.

The 268ft long hull of this wreck which lies in 30m is largely intact, although it has been extensively salvaged for the jewellery which was carried by one of the passengers. The large number of bottles, some still corked and with the original contents of whisky and wine, along with tiles and other artifacts make this an extremely interesting dive.

The possibility of picking up some of the jewellery, only half of which has been salvaged, adds spice to the experience.

Pig / Deer Hunting
For land based fun & adventure (or if you get bored fishing!) we can provide horseback, 4wd or helicopter transport to some of the largest areas of native bush left in New Zealand - The Urawera's and the Ruakumara's.

Stalk wild Boar, Deer and Goat in the rugged bush clad hills.

Horse Treks
Sightseeing by horse or 4wd is available for non fishing or hunting members of you party or we can provide many.

Winery Tours
Gisborne Chardonnay is world renown. We can provide tours around the Gisborne wineries if you require a break from fishing.

Accommodation can be provided in Gisborne City or up the coast in Tolaga Bay.

Tariffs range according to comfort and amenities, please contact us for details.

Airport Pickup
Gisborne Airport is 60 minutes from Tolaga Bay, and transfers can be arranged.

Historic East Cape Sight Seeing Tours

The East Cape region provides many unusual terrain and cultural features that are not found elsewhere in New Zealand.

Hot Springs, the fourth highest mountain on the North Island, the first place in New Zealand that Capt. Cook landed, and the first city in the world to see the light of the new day - Gisborne and the East Coast has lots of things to see and do.
Ladies day
See our links page for other East Coast information sources.

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