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Mike with a hapuku caught in December

December 2004

Great fishing in December and the best weather in the country to allow us to get out there.
There has been far less terakihi about this year but plenty of small hapuku to make up the shortfall, snapper have also been scarce although I heard of a 24lb fish caught by a visiting angler.
Big hapuku are about in the deep but you have to be spot on in the right place although the same can be said for most fishing here, local knowledge is the key. There is only one secret to catching fish and that is being where the fish are. If you can't put yourself in the right place all the fancy gear, rigs and bait will do you no good.
There are plenty of kingies out on the usual reefs, mostly small but with enough big fish to stretch anyone's arms.
Heard today that a longline boat fishing out from here released a marlin and caught a big yellowfin and several bigeye tuna in the last few days so game fish are on the way in spite of a top water temperature of only 18c. Hopefully this will increase along with the number of game fish as January progresses

Bert Lee

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