They say a bad tradesman will blame his tools but look in the toolbox of

a good tradesman and you will see quality gear.

Substitute fisherman for tradesman and the result is the same.

On this page I will try to bring you some of the innovations of thinking fisherman

who are in the top 10% that are said to catch 90% of the fish.

Some of the products I will list are not readily available in tackle stores,

in fact some are so new only the fish have seen them.

If you see something that interests you drop me an

E-mail at and I will arrange delivery.

Individual and trade inquiries are welcome.

If you have a product you would like to promote on this page hit my address

and tell me about it, but it must be good.


Some of you out there may already be using these if not take a serious look at them. They have the ability to revolutionise your fishing, particularly game fishing.


Wind-On Leader's

If you fish short handed or with an inexperienced crew

You need these.

My mate Bernie from Taranaki makes these brilliant leaders which

have a heap of advantages, they are simple, tough and very easy to use,

wind on perfectly through your rod and onto your reel.

  • Clearing of rods takes half the time, these leader's wind right onto your reel.
  • Stowage is easier as lure leader is only 5 ft long.
  • Fish can be wound to within 6 feet of the boat without the use of a deckie.
  • Changing from lures to baits takes only seconds.
  • Less people required to run the boat and more rods can be run if wanted.
  • Angler can tag or gaff fish at boat.
  • No main line wear at rod tip. Leader bead stops damage.
  • Comply to IFGA rules.
  • Nearly bullet proof. Mainline with break before the leader.
  • After a large fish is caught only the lure leader needs replacing and not the wind on leader.
  • You can double the breaking strain of the lure leader e.g. 200 lb Wind on leader = 400 lb lure leader.
  • Comes with a full set of instructions & diagrams.
  • Will easily connect to Dacron, Spectra or mono.
  • Will last a season or longer.
  • Saves money, time and effort.
  • Safer to use as there are no leaders lying around the boat.

Sizes available: 150lb, 200lb, 300lb, 400lb,

I've rigged my game gear with these leaders and not only will they improve my fishing they will also save me $$$$ as I now only need rod-length lure leaders to clip on the end.

I fished a contest last season where we weighed in the heaviest mako shark, it was caught on one of Bernie's 400lb wind-on leaders with a short 800lb wire trace, worked brilliantly.


The Ultimate In Fishing Glasses
The Ultimate fishing glasses allows you to look into the water and see the fish hit your line. Using new Technology in Polarising it reduces glare even further than other fishing glasses. It allows you to see into the water on even the sunniest days! These lenses will increase your performance immensely and allow you to get that extra edge in fishing.

The Phillips Lens Co specialises in producing quality polarised fishing eyeware at a reasonable price.

Why pay for a designer name when what you need is a quality product made for anglers.

Four styles + clip on's

All come with a Protective Case and floating string.

More information soon.

Contact Captain Bert


This range of rather unique lures from Australia are something you've gotta try. There are lures here for almost every type of fishing.

I've picked out a couple that suit what I do here, I'll be running an  8 oz "After Burner" trolling lure in my spread for yellowfin this season and giving our local yellowtail kingfish a good look Steve's   3 & 8 oz Kingie Jigs.

Take a look at:

Then call Steve and tell him Captain Bert sent you


A kingfish caught on a Demon Firecracker jig.




Here's a great Idea for anyone who fishes with a float at night.

When this float is put in water it glows with a green light, when a fish bites the light turns red. Sensitivity can be adjusted and when it's taken out of the water and dried the light goes off automaticaly.

For more info give Bob a call on


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