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The Tolaga Bay weather at 6 am 18 June is:-

Cloudy and calm

Forecast for sea area Portland to midnight:

Northeast 20 knots rising to 30 knots this afternoon. Sea becoming rough. Easterly swell 2 metres, easing.

Outlook following 3 days:

Becoming southwest 15 to 25 knots late Sunday. Changing late Monday to northerly 15 to 25 knots, rising Tuesday to northerly 30 to 40 knots at times with very rough sea.

Eastland Weather
The East Cape area is now known as The Sea Area "Portland". Named after Portland Island which has a lighthouse on it on the southern tip of the Mahia Peninsula. This sea area covers the East Coast of the North Island from Cape Turnagain in the South to East Cape in the north - a total length of over 350 km's.

Other NZ Weather Resources

New Zealand has what is called a "maritime climate" - meaning that weather moves pretty quickly over the country, and usually carries rain. Predominantly this rain drops on the Western most areas first (sometimes in huge amounts) and provides numerous "rain shadows" in other Eastern areas of the country. Of course the opposite occurs when the weather patterns come in from the East.

Below are some of the weather resources available for you to make your own predictions...

  • Latest New Zealand Weather Observations From Victoria University - Highly reccommended!

  • El Ninõ and La Nina - All the information you could ask for - past weather patterns, future predictions and some consequences.

  • Australia Govt Weather Synoptic Analysis
    From Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne, Australia.
    Good coverage of the approaches to New Zealand and updated frequently.
    Present Day
    Forecast 24hr Computer Generated

    Forecast 24hr Manual Generated

  • Sea Level Wind Speed and Barometric Pressure Chart from Gold Coast Weather, Australia. Updated daily - now a subscription Service.
    Current Day
    Midday Tomorrow Predictions.

    Midday 2 Day Predictions.
    Midday 3 Day Predictions.

  • Wave Direction and Height Chart from Gold Coast Weather, Australia.
    Updated daily, Heights in Feet - now a subscription Service.
    Current Day
    Midday Tomorrow Predictions.

    Midday 2 Day Predictions.

  • Marine Weather Forecast From MetService (NZ) Ltd
    A great service updated every six or so hours.

  • Short Forecast From MetService (NZ) Ltd
    Pretty much what you get on the radio, on the hour.

  • Severe Weather Warnings From MetService (NZ) Ltd
    If they think there's a problem - read it here....

  • Enhanced Satellite Map of Pacific Ocean From Hawaii Meteorology
    Very detailed and updated every 12 hours.
    Current Day

    Midday Tomorrow Predictions.

  • Pacific Ocean Wind Direction & Speed From Hawaii Meteorology
    Current Day

    Midday Tomorrow Predictions.

  • SST (sea surface temperature)
    Charts from NIWA (National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Ltd). These pages are pay for view pages.

  • NOTE:- Image times are in UTC.
    For NZST add 12 hours.
    For Daylight Saving Time (summer) add 13 hours.
    Various Copyrights Apply to the Images Above - Please Respect Them

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