Bottom Fishing

 A good hapuku  The mainstay of bottom fishing around the East Cape is the Hapuku or New Zealand Grouper (Polyprion oxygeneios).

These fish which grow to over 50kg are caught in water depths from 50 metres to over 200 metres, the larger fish being in deeper water.

They are an excellent eating fish which are caught year round on fish or squid baits, they will also take a jig fished near the bottom.

Big Hapuku put up a good fight, strongly resisting being pulled from the deep reefs which are their home.
 140lb bass  A large (to 100kg) deepwater cousin of the Hapuku, the Bass (polyprion americanus), called Wreakfish in some countries, is caught regularly in water over 120 metres.
 bluenose  Bluenose warehou (to 30kg) are also caught regularly in water over 120 metres
Trumpeter up to 20kg, they are usually caught over reefs in depths of more than 100m. Thay are a top eating fish.
 terakihi  As are their smaller relative the Terakihi (to 4kg) which can at times be caught in large numbers.
 Doug Olander with a snapper  Snapper are not usually targeted in this area , but are often caught on the same reefs as Hapuku particularly in autumn or winter. Other common catches are, Trevally, Kahawai and John dory.

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