Tag and Release

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We believe in conservation to ensure the availability of fish for future generations

We kill only what we intend to eat

Captain Bert Lee

For the three seasons from 1994-5 to 1997-8 OSPREY was top tag & release boat in the country for yellowtail kingfish. In that time we tagged over 30% of all yellowtail tagged in New Zealand waters

In the 1998-99 season we were again top yellowtail tag & release boat with a whopping 69% of all tagged yellowtail in New Zealand


Tagged yellowtail about to be released by Mike O'Halleron of Wellington measured 1.280m and would have weighed close to 40kg

We also release the sharks we catch, we have only killed one mako shark in the last three years, it was taken for a contest entry and after weighing was eaten.


This mako caught by Mrs Jackie Olander of Florida USA was recaught by a longline boat 3 months after we tagged and released it, estimated weight 80lb.
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