The biggest marlin of any kind ever caught in NZ

On Saturday 9th February a 473.2kg black marlin caught out of Gisborne after a 7hr fight on 37kg stand up gear.
It was taken angler Alain Jurion with Dave Peach driving the 6.8m trailer boat Freedom, it took a 10" lure (home made) over a reef in 40m of water, the lures were attacked by a mob of small kingies, one on each lure except the one with the marlin.
It was a very long fish in the photo the tip of the bill saw about 2" from the deck, the angler, on the left is 5' 9"

I saw it in the boat when they tried to lift it out the gantry wouldn't handle it so they had to get a crane to lift it

It was caught during the Gisborne Tatapouri Sports Fishing Club annual tuna contest, there was an 85kg striped marlin taken the same day and a blue of 225kg the next day