Mako shark

Weight 458.5kg caught on 10 February 2001 from the boat Marcella

out of Gisborne New Zealand.

During the Gisborne Tatapouti Sports Fishing Club annual marlin, tuna and shark contest the 40ft aluminium catamaran Marcella was chumming 12 miles off Gisborne when at 2pm a huge female mako came flying into the trail like a submarine. She took the skipjack bait on 37gk line about two metres from the boat and the battle, which was to last seven and three-quarter hours was on.

Angler Neville Clarke said "She did pretty much as she liked surfacing about a dozen times and jumping three times, each time she dived she peeled off about 200m of line".

Just on dark as the crew was assembling spotlights the shark came within eight metres of the boat and Clarke fought her alongside where flying gaffs and a tail rope were secured.

During the fight they had followed the fish close to 20miles to the south so with the shark tied alongside it was a slow trip home at about 5kts in a very rough sea with a ten-foot slop. Marcella arrived in port at 2am where the gantry was unable to handle the weight and a crane was called out to lift the fish from the water.

The shark with a length of 3.7m a girth of 1.9m and a weight of 458.5kg is only 5kg short of the NZ 37kg record and 50kg short of the world all tackle record.

The huge fish which took out the $10,000 prize for the heaviest mako will be mounted and put on display in the Gisborne Tatapouti Sports Fishing Clubrooms.

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